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xx Few suggestions
January 05, 2019, 03:17:52 pm by Gore
Change the website design (looks outdated plus got errors)

Split the 14gb patch into 2 parts so we dont have to download mega's client.
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exclamation Class Missing Spell Post
January 03, 2019, 07:17:36 pm by Moltn
Please refer to this post if you're class is missing a spell. Follow the layout so we can sort the issue out faster.

WARNING: Anything posted off-topic will be deleted! Please keep this post on topic. This post is to help the development staff team fix the spell missing issue faster!



Class: Paladin
Race: Tauren
Spell: Seal of Corruption
Realm: 87
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xx Mooo!
November 24, 2018, 12:04:24 pm by Moltn
'Sup everyone! I'm the sexy Tauren, Palacow!  ;)  If I'm not on Palacow, then I'm probably on Moltn, my druid. Let me see here.. What can I tell about myself? Hm.. FOR THE HORDE!! ..sorry, was having another  Southshore vs Tarren Mill flashbacks again. Now let me think -- OH! Pretty soon my days on the server will be highly limited since I've signed my life away for four years of college. I'll try to make it a goal to get on for at least 2 or 3 hours per day. Yet again, nothing is set in stone.

What do I plan on doing lately? I'm going to at least make a guide on how many materials it take to finish the Speed Buff and the Absolute Might buff. It'll take me a while to do, but we'll get it done! :)

If anybody need to contact me, then ping me or send me a message on Discord. Moltnbowaski #6344 - have a lovely day, Blasters! :)
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xx 87 Server Achievements
November 23, 2018, 02:19:30 pm by Moltn
Hello, I'd like to report that some of the achievements aren't working. Yes, I'm referring to the custom achievements. All of the Dungeons achievements posted under the BlastWoW section doesn't work. I've ran all of those dungeons and the ones that I've completed 100% didn't give an achievement at all. Now, there is an achievement under the General tab called 'To All The BlastWoW NPCs I've Loved' that doesn't work, either. I've tried /love, /hug, /kiss, etc while having the Welcome Quest NPC targeted.

I'm not sure if anybody has posted this within a ticket or on Discord, but I thought I'd post it here on the Forums just in case nobody has posted it yet. If I run into any more issues, I'll make sure to post them here. If any of the VIP members want to test the buffs, go ahead and record what you get from it. If you get the achievements, then they work!

Have a nice day, Blasters! :)
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xx Launcher Maybe?
November 22, 2018, 07:13:09 pm by Moltn
I know a lot of people hate downloading patches before they're able to play and not everybody has a decent download speed. Has anyone, on the staff, thought about making a launcher similar to what Blizzard did in the old days? The launcher could be setup in three different way. 1. Only downloads the needed patches for the 255 realm 2. Only downloads the needed patches for the 87 realm  and 3. Only downloads the needed patches for the 80 realm (If you really want to be ballsy 4. Player can pick a folder where they want the patches to be downloaded, and the launcher downloads all the patches and automatically put into a separate folder IE: 80 patches goes into the 80 realm folder, 87 patches go into the 87 folder and so on.)

Instead of relying on download links, the launcher would keep the player's files updated automatically so they don't have to keep downloading different patches all the time when a new update comes out.

Must have: Vote Tab that takes you to the l...
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xx 87 Realm Suggestions
November 18, 2018, 10:59:40 am by Moltn
Here are some ideas to make currency farming more beneficial to everybody.

1. Currency NPC Trader

Make every currency (from the offset areas) switched to another currency. IE: 100 Bronze Bars for 10 or 20 Silver Bars.

2. Artifact Power Quests

A question to help newer players grind Artifact Power to upgrade their weapons when they can't solo or find a group for a dungeon they can't do.  IE: Farm the materials from the offset areas and trade them in for Artifact Power.

3. World Bosses

Well, I know there are a few world bosses on the realm as it is, but let's make some actual ones. They could, in theory, drop some tokens that could be turned in for either Vote Tokens or Artifact Power. (I'm not saying one token equals one Vote Token, but let say 10 tokens for one Vote Token. World bosses should be hard to kill and take at least an hour or so to respawn.)

4. Offset Area

Add some quests...
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xx How To Make A Static Ip Adress ( YOUR IP ADRESS STAYS THE SAME )
November 07, 2018, 02:15:06 pm by BlastWoW Owner
Hello Everyone, in this topic i will show you how you make your ip to not change...

The reason you need this is because ingame, you do the following command :

.account lock ip on

this Locks your Current Ip adress (if its changed you cannot login) //Useful to prevent hackers

Here is the Step of how you make you a static IP

Im Showing in Picture Form :


1st. You get into Network & Sharing - Network & Sharing Center, From there you click your internet (in my case, my Wifi)

2nd. You get the popup to the left of the 2nd link, you click "Properties"

3rd. You Double Click the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) And you mark it aswell if you havent.

4th. You basicly hit the button showed in the picture "Use the following ip adress" And then you write your ip adress.

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xx Forum suggestions
November 07, 2018, 07:33:05 am by deathscythe
Hey all just so you all know if there is something you want to suggest for the forums that might make it better I will listen to it I'm always looking to make the server and our forums better
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exclamation Character/Account Problems FAQ
November 06, 2018, 05:39:18 pm by Teryaki
Have you run into an issue in game with your account or character?  Here is a list of some common things to help if you run into anything unusual.


Q: I cannot log into the server. It is stuck at connecting or the server is greyed out.
A: the server may be down, or had just restarted. This may take 5 minutes.

Q: I just made an account, but the client is telling me my credentials do not exist.
A: The server needs a few minutes to update the account database after account creation. Usually the process is instant, but wait a few minutes if your account does not log in.

Q: I think my account may have been compromised, what do I do?
A: Contact a staff member immediately. We may change your account username and force a password change. It is important to keep you...

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